On a Scale of an Introvert to Extrovert, What Are You?

If anyone would ask a person to describe themselves you would mostly see the word “extrovert” and “introvert”. These are one of the most known personalities that millennial these days used to fill up a certain part in that particular slam book a friend would ask for an answer. Before I expose myself in here let me first differentiate these two.

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The Extroverts, from my own perspective, are kinds of people that you are having your party with right now or the person you get to drag (and they like it) to different occasions with the max intention to socialize and they have the battery (201% with a power bank on the side) to do so. They are basically, the “people’s people”. They would literally just want a crowd to be with and they don’t have any problem fitting into one. They may also want the spotlight or give one to people because socializing is connecting to people and they love that. In fact, they are probably the “connection” you are looking for.  Extroverts are like an open book, but well, you still got to read between the lines.

On the other hand, we have the . . .

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If you have a phone that goes from 100% to 10% in a flash then that is just exactly how you describe an introvert. Some would say that these types of people would like to be alone, but no, they are not. Sure they enjoy being alone, like in the room with books and stuff, but just like extroverts, they still do enjoy the company of other people. They tend to keep their group small with talks that don’t usually have to be obligatory. They have this limited social battery that attending a normal party (which is just a piece of cake for our extroverts buddy) may be straining to them and make require more than a week of separation from the crowd.

God I would love to be in these two, but well, I’d want a more fitting word to myself, so here it goes—dun dun dun

I’m on the scale which simply goes like this (introvert/extrovert plus the brand of my phone right now= Textrovert) apparently, I don’t talk, I text.

#TheTextroverts #PressThatButton #YouWannaFlirtBeepMeUp #HitReplyAndWeAreBesties

Most of you would say that there’s no such thing, but this idea actually came from a book that you will stumble upon when you type the word “textrovert” on Google. My type is not much either but being not much is brilliant just the same as being an amphibian; only we go from under-a-roof-to-under-the-sun and not a land-to-water kind of duality with, well, a touch of technology because to hell, when will Lucy appear and teach me how to text using my mind!?— Being a textrovert is a mixture of the two given personalities on a different platform. Sure I would love to socialize and talk but the text will do. I want to express emotions by my friend smiley, sadley, smugley and they will definitely suffice. Sometimes, although it’s creepy for other people, I show my actions in text like “Hey! Let’s be friends! *winks* I am both a great talker and philosopher behind the screen of a cellphone or any platform that I can use “text” as a medium to communicate. It is where I am comfortable with and find it easier to express myself.

The scale had just moved into a different direction but yes, just imagine yourself like you are in one of my favorite movie “Zootopia” and you will realize that you can be anything or any kind of a person to socialize with *whispers* just let them know where to find you.


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