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Cry Hard, Dance Harder

Every single time I put my headphones on, I remember being a kida��snotty and gap-tootheda��being fond of all the songs that my older brother would always listen to. I remember watching him learn how to play the guitar. I remember how my mother bought a keyboard so that he and I could learn how to play it. I remember how my mom scoured the eartha��an over exaggeration–for a piano instructor to teach me how to play the instrument. Being an impatient kid, though, I was not studious enough to learn more than the basics of music theory, and play a little of Pachelbela��s Canon. I remember how I always spent my weekends holed up on our rooftop, singing along to all the hit songs while holding my precious songbooks (MYX Mag, anyone?). I remember singing along to Only Hope because I wanted to have a voice like Jamie Sullivana��s. I remember developing a crush on Kean Cipriano, I mean with that voice of his, who wouldna��t? I remember when a high school teacher made us watch Miss Saigon, and I remember loving every single second of it. I remember so many instances in the past years of my life wherein music played a pretty big part, but most of all, I remember the impact that a particular banda�� that has a frontwoman with ever-changing, brightly-dyed haira�� had and still has on me.

In case it wasna��t obvious for some of you, yes, I was and will be talking about Paramore. My one true love. My sun, my moon, my stars. All the fluffiest pick-up lines in the world will never be enough to describe how I feel about this band. I love to sleep, but Ia��d probably trade in sleeping just for Paramore. Thata��s how big of an influence they have in my life. In fangirl-speak, I am so soft on them. Yeah, I know, the band had changed their member lineup every time they released an album. It doesna��t matter to me, though. Yes, it hurts a lot when some members leave, but, ita��s not like theya��re the ones who made me stay, you know? (Okay, maybe Ia��d freak out a little if ever Taylor York calls it quits. Just a little.) A�Ita��s always been the way their music makes me feela��. not so alone. Accompanied. Alive.

In the nineteen years Ia��ve been living, so many things had happened to me. Some happy. Some extremely infuriating. Some nostalgic. Some make me want to just off myself. Some make me want to believe in the goodness of peoplea��for a bit. Mostly, however, my nineteen years of existence is life punching me in the face. Life likes punching people in the face. Relentlessly.

Paramorea��s songs were and are with me all throughout. Every single step of the way. I could probably narrate my whole life by just using Paramore songsa�� lyrics. When I lost my beloved dad? In the Mourning. When I was extremely annoyed with my hypocritical blockmates? Interlude: Moving On. When I was in my rebellious stage? Renegade. When I feel a lot like an adult whoa��s got it all figured out? Aina��t It Fun. When I imagine going away and building a new life in a place where nobody knows who I am? Future or Daydreaming. When I feel like everythinga��s just going down the drain? 26. I could go on and on and on, but my point is, their music shaped me. Their songs helped me through the good and the bad. Honestly, I dona��t actually know if my music taste has evolved, or I just kind of adjust my preference to whatever they release. Whichever the case, I LOVE PARAMORE SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.

The thing is, music heals. It doesna��t matter if you listen to metal rock, Christian songs, OPM love songs, K-pop, EDM, etc. A�You always have something that youa��re going through that music can help with. It is a universal language. It speaks to your very being when no living person can. Music can accompany you when youa��re having a good cry, or maybe a laugh or two. Maybe you need a cathartic session after being yelled at by a mean person. Perhaps, a dance-off with your friends? Music is there, friend. Dona��t ever forget that. Just put your earphones on and ignore all the nastiness of the world.

To whoever is reading this, if youa��re going to Paramore Tour Four MNL, see you!

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