Mad Love

a�?Will you please settle in one spot for a moment? Youa��re gonna give me a headache,a�? I said, his back facing me as he stopped. Ben has been pacing around the room for hours now. Hea��s going to be like this for more if I dona��t stop him. As he turned towards my bed, he said a�?Ia��m thinking of a way to get us back together. Fixing this will not be easy if youa��re not with me, Jane.a�? I dona��t know why, but hea��s been like this for a month now. He seemed so paranoid about our relationship, like hea��s not confident that Ia��ll stay the same even if wea��re apart.

a�?Therea��s nothing to fix, Ben. Youa��re the one making this complicated.a�? I stood up, calmly walked towards him and placed my hand on hea��s shoulders. a�?I love you. And thata��s not gonna change.a�? Wea��ve been married for five years now, peacefully living in our home. Ita��s a decent apartment, small but spacious since we dona��t have a lot of money to fill it with furniture. Wea��ve also decided to adopt a kid someday, since I found out I am incapable of bearing a child due to some reproductive disorder. But, other than that, wea��re happy. Was happy, at least. Because of my recent job venture, I was required to move to another place. I tried to convince them that Ben has to come with me, but they ordered me to go alone without providing any reasons as to why.

a�?Do you trust me?a�? He whispered into my ear, his voice uncharacteristically mischievous. a�?Ia��ll get you out of here right this moment, and wea��ll go as far away from here as possible.a�? Ia��d love to go away with him. Ita��ll be just like a fairytale; a princess being rescued by her lover. a�?But how?a�? I said, sitting on the plush bed. Ben sat beside me, holding my hand tightly. His hand gripped tighter, my hands slowly turning red. I tried to unclench my hand from his grip, to break the bond. I stared at his now pale face, eyes red with rage.

a�?By killing you. Just like how you did it.a�? Turning my body, he forced my arms to bend and squeezed it across my chest. I screamed as I clambered away, weak hands unsuccessfully breaking free from his grip. My face hit the metal rod of the bedframe. I screamed at the top of my lungs, tears streaking across my face. The metal door slammed open.

As I looked back, two men wearing white uniforms stormed across the room directly towards my bed. a�?Please, help me! Hea��s trying to kill me!a�? They held my shoulders, seemingly ignoring my cry and Bena��s presence. As I try to break free from their grip, an oddly familiar face studied the room. a�?Jane,a�? she said in a calm manner, a�?we talked about this.a�? The woman kept on talking, and just like the first two, she ignored Ben. a�?Please, I need your help,a�? I said between labored breaths.

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